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How it works

From Feb15th to May 15th you can enroll into Health Plans with premiums that start at Zero.  These type of plans are commonly known as ObamaCare plans.

By providing basic information about you and your family needs, we access the HealthMarketPlace (the government platform where the HealthPlans are) to find the lowest cost Health Plan that will meet your needs.  Let TrueInsurance save you time, money, and be your trusted source of health insurance information.

Why do you need Health Insurance

How does not having coverage affect health care access?

People without insurance coverage have worse access to care than people who are insured. One in five uninsured adults in 2018 went without needed medical care due to cost. Studies repeatedly demonstrate that uninsured people are less likely than those with insurance to receive preventive care and services for major health conditions and chronic diseases.

What are the financial implications of being uninsured?

The uninsured often face unaffordable medical bills when they do seek care. In 2018, uninsured nonelderly adults were over twice as likely as their insured counterparts to have had problems paying medical bills in the past 12 months. These bills can quickly translate into medical debt since most of the uninsured have low or moderate incomes and have little, if any, savings.

What are the benefits of being insured?

  • You get free preventive care, like vaccines, screenings, and some check-ups, even before you meet your deductible.   Go to to see all the benefits.  They are a lot!!
  • Although, many that are uninsured use community health centers, if a major event happens such as hospitalization – you can be charged for medical bills.  Having health insurance will save you money and the stress of financial problems.
Here at TRUEINSURANCE, we will help you navigate through all that – find you the best plan.  We want you to be healthy as well as prepare for unexpected health events.  Many people do not know that they can qualify for low cost plans.
What is a Deductible and How does it affect me?

This is very important for you to understand.  If you have a car and you get into an accident, the insurance company will pay to repair your car, but first you have to pay your deductible.  It is the same with Health Insurance, where every Health Plan varies with their deductibles – they can be as low as zero dollars to thousands of dollars.
The premium of the Health Plan is relative to the deductible.   Plans with lower premium will most likely have a higher deductible.  This is true for any type of insurance – auto, home, boat,etc….
You can go on the whole year, without a major event – a couple of visits to your doctor with a $20 copay.   Prescription drug for a few dollars.  However, an accident or a heart attack event can affect you financially.  While you can get a Health Plan under Obamacare for a low premium – chances are your Deductible will be in the thousands!!!  So what do you do IF you have a major event?  Most people cannot afford that $5,000 or $7,000 deductible.   Don’t worry, we have a solution for you….it is called Supplemental Insurance and you will be shocked to see how cheap the monthly premium is … Click Here to Know More.

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